Equity and food production in Africa

Boosting socio-economic prosperity for the people of Africa

Published June 1, 2015

Helen Gichohi, Managing Director, Equity Group Foundation.

Developing sustainable solutions to increasing agriculture production is of outmost importance in Sub Sahara. An aging agricultural work force with limited access to technology and faced with increasing challenges from climate change, will be looking to find ways to avoid increasing food insecurity and low incomes.

This is where the Equity Group Foundation comes in, according to Dr. Gichohi.

“We have a social impact arm, were we design and seed social programs for impact.

“We share learning from the field with government and industry, and attract and convene partners. Our other important arm is the Bank commercial engine were we provide inclusive financial services for the people of Africa and generate scalable and sustainable financial solutions to drive impact,” said Gichohi.

The Foundation’s programs are designed to provide opportunities, capacity, services and tools for self-advancement through seven cut crossing area programs. The programs are: Agriculture, innovation, health, entrepreneurship, environment, education and leadership development and financial literacy and inclusion.

The Foundation provides contact with business groups and offers trainings events and industry partnerships in addition to savings, loans and insurance.

“The project is scaling up and the Foundation expects to impact 13 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa by 2024. We are already in Kenya but over the next years we will also get engaged in countries like Tanzania, Rwanda and beyond.”