– We’re treating oceans as our garbage bin

Published June 12, 2017

HRH Crown Princess Victoria shared her passion for oceans at EAT Stockholm Food Forum. See her full speech here:

«Imagine a giant blue refrigerator. Imagine it offering you a rich supply of fresh, healthy and high quality food. Then imagine yourself emptying its shelves. All at once. And instead filling it with garbage, plastic litter and toxic waste. A strange image, isn't it? But after all, that is exactly how we treat our ocean.» HRH Crown Princess Victoria

«Seafood is the world's largest source of animal protein. (…) 60 % of all stocks are already fully fished and 30 % are already overfished. Climate change, pollution and over fishing is putting enormous pressure on marine life. By 2050 the ocean may contain more plastic than fish, and it is us humans who are causing it. We all depend on the ocean for our survival. And yet, we are treating it as our waste bin.» HRH Crown Princess Victoria

The Crown Princess is a Patron for the SEBOS Initiative; Seafood Business for Ocean Stewardship, where business leaders and scientists engage in dialogue about the global seafood industry.

Read more about the initiative at www.keystonedialogues.earth