The EAT Initiative

Science, politics and business sharing food for thought

What is EAT?

Providing the growing global population a healthy and nutritious diet within safe environmental limits is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity today. It can only be addressed through an integration of knowledge and action in the interwoven areas of food, health and sustainability.

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Board of Trustees

EAT is governed and managed by a Board of Trustees. Each Core Partner is entitled to appoint two members of the Board. Additionally, there are two independent member of the Board, selected by the Core Partners.

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Strategic Advisors

EAT Strategic Advisors represent global experts - in fields including research, policy, economics and business. Attending EAT Advisory Board meetings and activities when relevant and available, or being consulted on an individual basis, EAT Strategic Advisors provide technical and operational advice on specific issues relating to core EAT activities.

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The EAT Team is a small, hard working group of dedicated people with very different backgrounds. This is "The Dream Team" as Gunhild calls them.

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Awards (new)

Who is EAT?

EAT Foundation is founded by the Stordalen Foundation, Wellcome Trust and Stockholm Resilience Centre.

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Advisory Board

The advisory board reflects the cross disciplinary, multinational approach of EAT through a carefully selected group of some of the world’s most renowned experts in their respective fields, from science to business and politics.

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EAT strongly believes that rewarding innovation is an important way to find future solutions for healthy and sustainable food. The EAT Awards are instituted to promote and reward ideas and solutions from all around the world.

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EAT is partnering with a range of foundations, organisations and companies from the academic, public, business and civil society sectors, who serve to provide strategic advice and financial support to EAT. Corporate partners are carefully selected companies that have a clear sustainability profile and a strong focus on healthy and sustainable food products or production practices. EAT delivers unique value to its partners through its collaborative network, annual and regional meetings and other activities.

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The EAT office is located at Kongens gate 11, 0152 Oslo.
Send us an email and let us know what you have on your mind, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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