The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in New York

Engagement Partner

Founded in 1906, The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (SACC New York) is the preeminent Swedish-American transatlantic organization dedicated to the promotion, advancement, and protection of direct commercial relations between the United States and Sweden.  SACC New York is a dynamic business organization providing crucial support to Swedish and American companies, as well as individuals, producing celebrated events such as The Lucia Trade Award, The Executive Women’s Conference and the Green Summit.  SACC New York is a fundamental part of the Swedish American business community, just as it was hundredandeight years ago.

Organizing the first environmental conference already in 1998, green topics have always been close to SACC New York’s heart. Featuring business leaders as well as scientists and academics from both sides of the Atlantic, SACC New York is this year hosting its seventh renowned Annual Green Summit in New York on November 5. EAT illuminates the importance of thinking green, which is equivalent to the mission of SACC New York. Together, we can achieve a sustainable future.